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Make your basement a beautiful and practical addition to your home.

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Renovate Ease

Renovate Ease is a professional home renovation company that specializes in enhancing the aesthetics and increasing the value of homes. With a solid reputation for excellence and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, our comprehensive services have made us the go-to choice for top-quality home renovations.

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Our team will always keep open, clear lines of communication with you from day one.



Ensuring our customers are happy with the process and end result is our top priority.

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We cross our T’s & dot our I’s because we believe every little detail matters.

What Our Clients Say

They Were Always Willing To Listen


I was impressed by the level of communication and collaboration that Chris and his team brought to the project. They were always willing to listen to my ideas and provide their own expert insights.

The Job They Did is Amazing


I cannot say enough good things about Renovate Ease, Marc, Mitch, and the entire company. I hired them to lay a new floor and redo a kitchen. They had to do extensive work to get the floor prepped for the new floor. The job they did is amazing and everything about the project went according to plan. Mitch’s expertise and communication skills were the best part. I highly recommend this company for any work.

One-Stop Source For All of Your Home Improvement Needs!


The owner made everything incredibly easy and my husband and I did not have to worry about anything. We matched the floor in our kitchen to what was previously installed in our , your one-stop source for all of your home improvement needs! We offerliving room. They had to remove a layer of subfloor from the 80s that was stuck on like glue, they got the whole thing done in two days, we’re always on time and very professional, not to mention if we need anything fixed on the floor in the future they will come right out and fix it! We are in love with our new floor! Would not go to anyone else for flooring or renovations these guys are it!!

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